JR Coffin

JR's love of artistry and storytelling first cultivated with architecture. Expanding upon her technical skills as an architect and training in sustainable construction techniques, she parlayed her love of artistry and film into imaginative interiors, home decor, and furniture design. After co-founding her design firm, Studio Den Den in Brooklyn, NY, JR has transformed countless homes, restaurants, and public spaces along east coast - expanding her practice to DC, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Upstate New York.


Her "no rules" approach to American design is inspired by the eclectic beauty of her hometown, Washington DC, and travels to the far reaches of the globe. She defines her style as a Neo-Americana, “a playful, updated version of early Americana that highlights our heritage as a melting pot of cultures. Mixing together vintage textures and refined forms that are almost Scandinavian in their restraint.” JR crafts her clients' homes and businesses to reflect their own journeys and demonstrating that successful design is, above all else, a personal reflection of one's past, present, and future. Featured in publications such as Architectural Digest, Dezeen, Interior Design Magazine and DesignMilk, her work shows the effortless depth, playfulness, and creativity behind her designs.


With a keen eye for style, craftsmanship, and an deep passion for sustainability, JR has established herself as both a tastemaker and generous collaborator continually inspiring those around her through various partnerships, speaking events, and branded collaborations. In 2022, JR and her partner, George Coffin, debuted their exclusive homegoods collection with Tortuga Forma, featuring beautiful, timeless, and transitional pieces for the modern home. They now work on projects all over the east coast and self-develop their own spaces through their sister brand Den Dev.