Innovative Materials for Home Construction Projects

by Natalie Akins


Home construction projects require creativity and passion to be built into every inch of the building. Not only are you creating a living space unlike any other, but you're also deciding what you might be looking at while you live there for the next five to eighty years.

These are some of the most popular innovative materials for home construction projects, and why you should include them in whatever you build next.


1. Insulated Concrete Block Foundations

ICFs have been making a splash in popular home design, with many saying that this type of supply is both easy to use and is long-lasting. Insulated concrete goes up quickly because of the form it's in and is capable of aiding the support of a home while also helping stop bugs, moisture, and weather from making their way into your home. When setting up your home framing, it's a great idea to figure out how to fit ICFs into the picture.


2. ERVs for Humid Climates

If you've ever lived in a humid environment, you'll know that most of the heat in the summer isn't from the temperatures alone but from the thickness of the air you're in. Humidity can damage clothing and furniture, leave residents sticky and uncomfortable, and cause issues for those with respiratory problems or health issues. 

ERVs filter the air and help reduce attic to basement heating and cooling bills in the process. The higher air quality allows residents to feel more alert and healthy while encouraging their clothing and belongings to last longer.


3. Floors That Would Surprise Anyone

The flooring is an area of the home that is often overlooked unless it's vibrantly noticeable. Instead of painting your floors red, so they stand out, consider going for faux wood flooring options that can give off a natural look while still being softer and more comfortable to walk on. 

These faux wood floors can be made of tile or laminate and could fool anyone while still lasting longer and being more attractive than natural wood.


4. Creative Non-Wood Interiors

If you’re not ready to give up on wood yet, composite wood interiors are a great middle point. You get all of the best parts about wood without having to worry about the easy denting or staining. Composite wood is also far less expensive than whole wood, which gives many newer homeowners or builders the chance to have a look they've always wanted in home design without dealing with the struggles of whole wood.

Bamboo can also fit this bill since it's not necessarily wood, being grown from a grass plant. Not only is bamboo highly sustainable, but it's also very strong, takes to dye well, and is also beautiful in its natural colors. In addition, if you've never seen bamboo flooring before, it's comfortable to walk on and is almost soft to feel without being too fragile to walk on comfortably.

5. Creatively Sustainable Decking

The deck is a part of American homes that shouldn't be overlooked anymore!  Sustainable decking can allow you to afford to build a deck that can have as many people as you want on it without anyone feeling cramped or like they don't have enough space. 

A creative and sustainable deck can be stained any color you want, refinished, and redecorated while encouraging you and your family to spend more time outside. Good placement of furniture, flooring, and design elements will also allow you to blur the lines between the indoors and outdoors of your home and give people the impression that your deck is just an extension of your kitchen or living room.

6. Fun Ways to Reimagine Your Exterior

If you have a pool, you may think you’re limited in what you can do to make it look fresh or new. If you drain it, you can paint it or replace the tiles, you can buy new deck furniture: or you could redo your pool trench drain

These trench drains are runoffs that come from your pool and into your yard, or a drainage ditch, so that the pool doesn't overflow onto itself when it rains or overfills. This is fantastic for safety yet can be an eyesore if you don't make a great design choice.

Consider making a path along this trench drain to look like a more purposeful part of the design, and people aren't tempted to forgo it altogether. A trench drain is the best way to have your cake and eat it too with pools, having an open space to swim without allowing it to flood your lawn.


Being Innovative Is a Necessity When Constructing New Homes

Using your creativity and inventing a home unlike any that you've lived in before is such an incredible thing that many don't get to experience. Consider using some of the materials listed above, and think about what they say for your residence.

Natalie Akins is an editor for the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. She is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.