Designing Objects

We partner with manufacturers and young business to create one-of-a-kind objects. It's our personal goal to give you a full transparent look into the logistical facets, priorities, timeline and budget so that you feel informed and enthusiastic about what will unfold throughout the process. We bring a concierge-level approach to each partnership, which means you’ll enjoy the support of our team as designers but also as project managers to ensure no production detail is overlooked


Our process

01. Partner

We partner with a diversity of clients in a variety of fields, including furniture, lighting, home goods, and appliance design.

We use a disciplined and holistic approach to building a profitable product, process, or business. Above all, Studio Den Den aligns with companies that share their interest in creating both functional and emotional pieces that improve our quality of life.


02. Research

We help businesses and every day folks bring ideas from a napkin sketch to a finished product. Using an engaged design processes tailored to suite our client, their community, and their consumer.


03. Define & Refine

Driven by the opportunities discovered during the research phase, our we help define a vision for the project in line with our partners’ values and aspirations. We offer in-house prototyping and 3D printing as a part of our end-to-end design process.


04. Deliver

We have a record of bringing commercially successful products to market. Our delivery is tailored to our partners’ needs, from crafting storytelling videos and strategic presentations to creating market-ready products.

When delivering a product to market, we work with selected production facilities from our global network and create data for tooling, production-ready parts and manage the quality control process.

During a product launch, we can create communication strategies across print and digital, produce installations for exhibitions and events, and art direct photography and video content.