From Concept to Creation: Studio Den Den's Collaborative Industrial Design Journey with Arrae

A few years back, Studio Den Den embarked on an new collaborative project with the wellness brand Arrae, known for its dedication to helping women feel their best through natural wellness solutions. Our head industrial designer, George Coffin, took on the challenge of creating a unique pill holder that encapsulated Arrae's ethos of authenticity and empowerment. Shared community values served as the driving force behind the a beautiful product and a brilliantly successful launch of the new product.


Collaborative Ideation: We initially delved into Arrae's core values, which centered on empowering women through natural wellness choices. Using those values as a foundation, we ensured that every step of the design process aligned seamlessly with this vision, channeling it into the very essence of the pill holder they were crafting. Brainstorming and ideation sessions between our design team and Arrae's founders marked the early stages of this project. The creative exchange of ideas and perspectives fostered a synergy that steered the project toward its ultimate direction, reflecting the collaborative spirit between the two companies.


Community Values as a Foundation: We found common ground on Studio Den Den and Arrae's shared commitment to sustainability, authenticity, and empowerment. Integrating these shared community values into the product's development became the foundation upon which the entire project was built, ensuring that every aspect of the design resonated with their audience's aspirations. Mindful of the environmental impact, George was extremely conscious of durability and a simplified manufacturing processes, aligning with Arrae's commitment to sustainability and appealing to environmentally-conscious consumers. This conscious choice in creating a reusable, durable, and sleek looking pill holder resonated with the wellness community's values and preferences.


Iterative Prototyping: George's emphasis on user research and feedback became instrumental in tailoring the pill holder to meet the specific needs of Arrae's target audience—women seeking natural wellness solutions. By integrating user insights, we crafted a product that seamlessly addressed the community's requirements and aspirations. The iterative design process involved close collaboration between Studio Den Den and Arrae, allowing them to refine the pill holder's aesthetics, functionality, and usability. This meticulous attention to detail and continuous improvement ultimately led to a product that exceeded the initial expectations of both parties.


Branding and Aesthetics: Aligning with the original core values for the project, our goal was to design a pill holder that not only served its functional purpose but also embodied Arrae's brand aesthetics. By incorporating elements of empowerment and authenticity into the design, the pill holder became an extension of Arrae's mission and values, resonating deeply with its user base. Studio Den Den and Arrae joined forces in an integrated marketing approach, leveraging social media campaigns, influencer partnerships, and community engagement to connect with their target audience. Their collaborative efforts helped create a buzz around the product's launch, generating excitement and anticipation within the wellness community.


The collaborative journey between Studio Den Den and Arrae culminated in the successful launch of a pill holder that reflected their shared community values. This case study stands as a testament to the power of collaborative design processes, emphasizing the significance of shared values in driving innovation that deeply resonates with the community. Through this story, Studio Den Den and Arrae aim to inspire other design studios and companies to adopt similar collaborative approaches, fostering a culture of innovation rooted in meaningful community engagement.