Killian Farm | NY

Client: Private

Interior Design: Studio Den Den

Photography: Rachael Stollar

Construction: Patrick Murtagh Construction


Killian Farm is three 1960s farmhouse sitting a top over 80 acres of beautiful sprawling land in Roscoe, NY. The property represents a vision for a weekend escape, as well as, a family retreat for the young couple's large Scandinavian family - who would come to visit for weeks at a time. We were especially excited for this project because its the perfect blend of our passion for renovating old New England Homes and love for clean Danish design.

After a few design meetings, we were able to quickly nailing down the color palette for the project. Earth tones are a great jumping off point for a project like this. An earth color palette both respects the natural surroundings and history of the project, but also gives us vibrant greens and yellows to add some real character to the space.